About Me

I’m a software engineer by day. I work in embedded systems, almost entirely in C. I’ve been doing this for over 20 years.

I am also a musician and composer. My wife and I have a band, Luminous Newts, and you can find links to that on the Links page.

I like dabbling in object oriented programming, and in languages. I’m not a big fan of the way Apple has attempted to lock people into their ecosystem, but I like their OS and hardware, and it’s Unix under the hood.

About 20 years ago I wrote an Iterated Function Systems fractal program on the Mac called Fractus IFS. I don’t think it sold any copies, but occasionally I have need for the kind of fractal it produced. I decided to (re)write the app in Swift, since it looks like Objective C is deprecated. The fractals that I’ve added to this site were generated by this app, and I’m sure from time to time I’ll post some of that code. It’s not tremendously well organized, but as a first foray into Swift I’m sure it’s not too bad.

The other need I have is in the category of MIDI handling/filtering. I haven’t looked too hard but I don’t think there’s much out there that does what I want. I’m quite familiar with Digital Performer, Ableton Live, and Apple’s MainStage. MIDI appears to be simple on the surface, but I’m finding that there are many angles to investigate.

Anyway, I’ve found that over time it’s really easy to write programs by solving the immediate problem at hand, then move on, never documenting anything someone else might need to know. Every problem I run into has or will be run into by somebody else, so I’ve made a commitment to build up this web site. I hope it’s useful…